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Our Breeding Dogs are Our Pets First

We currently have four incredible dogs. All are AKC standard Poms and are 6 lbs or less. All of our babies were carefully selected not just for looks, but more importantly for their temperaments and their pedigrees. Our dogs are our pets first and love spending time, and even traveling with us. The biggest compliment we ever received was that our Poms are the "happiest dogs {we've} ever met."

Dudley smiling

Dudley is our 5 lb little prince. He competed in AKC events in his younger days but is currently enjoying life cuddling with his parents in the sunshine. Dudley is an adventurous little guy and loves spending time on our boat-- he always wears his lifejacket! He's a momma's boy who won't let mom out of his sight and loves to be held. He's got the ideal cobby Pom body and a coat to die for. People often tell us that Dudley, aka "Doodle", is the most chill Pom they've ever met. 


Lumen is our gorgeous 5 lb ice white girl. We were privileged enough to get this baby all the way from Thailand! She comes from a long line of beautiful white Poms and she's only ever birthed white babies. Out of all our doggies she's the most excited to cuddle new friends; on walks she wants to stop and give kisses to every person and every dog we pass. She loves to play with all her furry friends and is our social butterfly. Despite her social personality, her favorite place to be is snuggled up on mommy or daddy's laps. She is a fabulous and protective momma. 


Babydoll is our 6 lb little cutie who LOVES to snuggle and she is mommy's little princess. She is the most attached to her mommy out of our babies and goes literally everywhere with mommy.

She has the sweetest smile! She has great markings, a beautiful coat, and her face is the cutest perpetual baby face I've ever seen! She's got some great colors behind her and is a wonderful momma. We expect black and tan, reds, and even creams from Babydollie.


Bunny is our smallest girlie. She's just shy of 5 lbs, but don't let her size fool you, she's got a lot of heart. Bunny is from a long line of chocolates and chocolate partis. Her eyes are the most beautiful light brown. She has excellent conformation and a great coat. We decided to call her "Bunny" because when she gets super excited she jumps up and crosses her paws in a way that resembles a rabbit -- it's SO CUTE it would melt your heart. She's an incredible girl and we can't wait to meet her future puppies!

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